My number one question going into Sitecore Symposium

Posted 10/09/2018 by William Hubbell
TechGuilds is now in Orlando for 2018’s Sitecore Symposium! We can’t wait to meet everybody here and show off what we’ve been working on. While we’re here, our developers are going to be immersed in the various panels and seminars being run throughout the week. This year’s conference looks to be exciting, with a large variety of new technologies to learn about. Since each of our developers are interested in different subject matter, we have decided to share what we’re getting into. We posed a question to our developers: what is your number one question going into Sitecore Symposium? Read on for their answers.

Baraa Mahroka: How will Sitecore utilize cloud services to optimize deployment?

As a first-timer at Sitecore Symposium, I am really excited about meeting this beautiful community all in one place, putting faces to names and engaging more with them. In terms of subjects and sessions, my focus this year is on Sitecore and the cloud, some DevOps as well as scaling subjects. Sessions such as “Sitecore in the cloud with Microsoft Azure” and “Continuous delivery by design in Azure PaaS” are very interesting to me as I believe the cloud is not only the future, but it is indeed the present. Additionally, as a developer, I wanted to take a sneak peek at the marketing side of Sitecore to understand some of the methodologies used in an area that I have minimal knowledge about.

Albra Nabelsi: How will machine learning and AI impact web development and how will Sitecore work with these technologies?

Going into Symposium, there are a lot of subjects on my mind! JSS, Node, Azure, and Commerce are all very interesting, but I am mainly interested in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). I believe both of these technologies will be extremely important in the coming years and will revolutionize computing technology even further. As the possible applications for ML and AI are many, I am very curious to see how they will impact web development and how Sitecore will utilize these technologies – better analytics? Personalization? Content? I am looking forward to learning more about this during my stay in Orlando.

Will Hubbell: What is Sitecore JSS and how does it leverage headless principles to create pages using Javascript frameworks like React?

It seems like everybody today is moving toward javascript interface frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue. For example, Reddit and Hulu have both recently switched to pages powered by React (you can see how they work with React Developer Tools). These frameworks are based around components, which are pieces of code that take an input and render a piece of UI. These frameworks/libraries are taking the web by storm, so it makes sense that Sitecore would want to get in on the action.

Sitecore, being a powerful CMS attached to a powerful rendering engine, already separates presentation from data - in fact, this is its core strength. Being so designed, Sitecore is already in a good position to take advantage of today’s modern Javascript frameworks, and it is doing so with Sitecore JSS. JSS turns Sitecore into a “headless” CMS, subtracting the rendering engine to make room for Javascript development.

My main questions going into Symposium revolve around JSS: how does it work? What are its benefits and drawbacks? Does it tie into the experience editor or user-tracking features at all, and if so, how?

Stay tuned for our daily blog as we find out and share the answers to these questions.

Happy Sitecore Symposium!  

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