The 360-Degree Customer View

Posted 07/20/2016 by Dennis Augustine

The 360-Degree Customer View is really about personalising the customer's experience for maximum benefit.

On average personalisation can result in +19% conversions (The realities of online personalisation, e-Consultancy April 2013). This is a baseline. Sitecore has seen even better improvements in ROI on average.

In the recorded webinar below, we discuss how you can use the power of a modern web content management system, like Sitecore, to gain a 360° view of who your customer and how to effectively reach them.


  • Must-have capabilities for modern digital marketing
  • How to get an end-to-end picture of marketing spend ROI
  • Optimising web content and content management efforts for results
  • How to best integrate your Web Content Management system with Line of Business systems like CRM or ERP systems in order to achieve a truly 360° customer view

Whether you already have Sitecore and are looking to upgrade to realise the promise of all it offers or sense that it’s time to ditch your old WCMS for something a bit more up-to-date, check out the video and additional resources below.


Watch the Webinar

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