Sitecore Symposium 2016

Posted 09/16/2016 by Ken Gray


(Tuesday & Wednesday - September 13-14)

Our flight was on time and smooth and when we got to the hotel it was like we entered into Disney, but for Sitecore. Not a detail was missed, right down to the Sitecore pins worn by the staff at the reception desk.

After we checked in and took a quick nap, we were greeted with a knock at the door. Upon opening it, another courteous staff member (they know how to do customer service in NOLA) handed us hand written letters, addressed to each of us individually, along with a basket of goodies welcoming us to the Hyatt. 

I immediately thought, now that is personalisation and customer experience management in a nutshell.

 House of Blues - Symposium 2016 banner

Day One

(Thursday September 15)

What an amazing day! First, I wish I could have duplicated myself as there were so many interesting topics and amazing speakers to choose from...sigh!

I ended up splitting sessions just to take it all in. For example, in one session I learned about a very large, global organisation that implemented a process whereby they allowed content authors from over 168 countries to use MS Word to create website content (because it's what they were used to). They then enabled the content authors to import their Word documents into Sitecore which automatically tagged content based on three key taxonomy categories. All of it was language agnostic meaning the countries created content in their native language and Sitecore imported and tagged content accurately in that language. The details of how it all works is too long to describe in this post, but we'd welcome your interest if this is a challenge you are facing.

At another session called "Own the Digital Healthcare Experience" there were some great examples on how healthcare providers and organisations are using personalisation to deliver content within the "patients first" context. One organisation talked about how Sitecore enables them to quickly identify and deliver important and relevant information to surgery patients. All this is done automatically at each step of the patient journey - before they undergo treatment and after treatment. The patient receives the right information at the right time to ensure care is administered successfully and efficiently. Sitecore enables this to be done securely while keeping the patient's privacy intact.

I'm looking forward to helping our healthcare customers take their websites to the next level.

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