Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt at Sitecore Symposium 2017. Are you game?

Posted 10/11/2017 by Nabil Orfali

Symposium attendees will play using their mobile device’s web browser (no apps to install!). The treasure hunt will provide clues to lead players to markers that reveal game pieces that they’ll collect to win. 

What’s in it for Me?

Sitecore Augmented Reality
  • Increased engagement with Symposium attendees.

  • More traffic at your booths and sessions! 

  • Post symposium you’ll receive a list of player/attendee leads, indicating which of your markers they scanned.

  • An exclusive invitation to participate in our Peek Beta Group.
  • Your Participation

    Here’s what you’ll have to do to get ready for the fun and engagement coming your way if you decide to participate:
    1. We will send you up to five marker images like the sample below this message. You don’t have to use all five. It is totally up to you. Let us know how many you need and you’ll have them! 

    2. Decide where you will place (or hide) your markers.  Markers can be placed in marketing materials, presentations or any location where they can be found by a Symposium attendee. Tip: Get creative and align that with your goals! Want players to talk and engage with your team? Post markers on your team’s name badges!

    3. Once you’ve decided where your markers will be placed send us clues that will lead players to them. We’ll incorporate your clues into the game content. The number of clues should be equal to the number of markers you will be using, each corresponding to where a marker is placed. Here’s an example of one of our clues: “Attend the breakout session ‘The Future of Context Marketing with Virtual and Augmented Reality’ by TechGuilds.” We’ll be placing a marker the presentation deck.  Try to keep your clues to under 150 characters.

    4. When a player finds and scans a marker, they’ll collect a coin. You can drive more engagement by requiring players to answer a question about your products/services to collect the coin. All you have to do is send us questions. We’ll take care of the rest. Questions must be in a multiple-choice format with up to 4 choices. Answers should be short. Example: TechGuilds Offers: Sitecore Development, Sitecore Support and Training, All of the Above. Notes: questions are optional. You can choose to allow players to collect coins just by finding and scanning the markers.
    And that’s it! Neat, right? 

    Act Fast!

    Sitecore Symposium is drawing close. Act fast and get prepared! Please send an email to [email protected] by Fri October 13tth citing:
    1. How many markers you’ll require

    2. Clues to help guide players to where they’ll be placed

    3. Optional multiple-choice questions for token collection
    Let the game begin!