My Top 5 Presentation Picks for Sitecore Symposium 2019

Posted 10/17/2019 by Ken Gray

Let me start by saying that picking just five of the many great Symposium topics and sessions was not an easy task and it is essentially impossible to schedule and attend all of the Symposium Presentations that I am interested in. There are just too many great topics, and many fall in the same time slot. To top it off, I have yet to perfect cloning myself!

In any event, here are my top picks - not in any particular order - and the reasons why I am excited about them.

Pick #1

This pick was by far the toughest to make because I’m attending three similar talks on Headless CMS on the same day. However, I chose “A customer-centric approach to digital transformation: How a 150-year-old Fortune 500 company revolutionized customer experience for the digital age” as one of my Top 5, because they’ll also be covering Marketing Automation which are two areas I hope to glean some key ideas from and share with a specific client that I’m currently working with.

Note: I always keep the customer in mind when I’m learning as it helps me stay focused on what’s important. Being customer-centric in my learning also allows me to provide immediate value to my clients and apply my learning in a real-world scenario, so I don’t lose the knowledge I’ve gained.

Pick #2

My next choice, “Accessibility: Not Impossible” was much easier. Last year at Symposium, we saw some of the amazing innovations and out-of-the-box/possibility-thinking that Mick Ebeling, Founder & CEO of Not Impossible Labs and their amazing organization employ to solve some “impossible” problems. They collaborate around the globe with people who are not necessarily able to monetarily compensate them and it’s inspiring to see how they approach difficult problems. Their incredible inventions and compassion raise my level of belief which I draw on when I’m faced with challenges.


Pick #3

One of Australia's top-performing super funds reimagines the member join experience with personalization and marketing automation” is the title of my third pick. What caught my eye about the session was this line in the description “hyper-personalized, deeply integrated, fully automated "member join" process that truly captures the power of the Sitecore Experience Cloud”. That’s a mouthful and if it is truly fully automated, then I’m fully interested in knowing what they’ve done as we have several clients that have “membership” as part of their business model.

Pick #4

I chose “Entertainment destinations and ultra-luxury resorts innovate with Sitecore 9 to drive results” as my fourth pick as they’ll be sharing lessons learned while implementing Sitecore Commerce with more than 10 data layers! I also chose this one as they’ll be diving into customizations for data-driven personalisation, testing and optimization. Of course, in keeping with my Headless CMS theme I’m hoping they’ll fill in any gaps for me around Headless CMS delivery to omni-channels.

Pick #5

Last, but not least, I chose “Putting the “R” in ROI: How New England Biolabs exceptional customer journey pays dividends”. I recently met with a potential client who has been wondering if they bit off more than they could chew when they purchased Sitecore eight years ago. They’re a 100-year-old manufacturing company and haven’t used the platform’s most coveted marketing capabilities and weren’t sure if they ever will. I advised them that there are many ways a B2B can use the marketing automation and personalisation features of Sitecore and that we should do a discovery workshop and demonstrate what’s possible in Sitecore’s latest software version. To that end, this topic stood out for me because the company being showcased was awarded the 2018 Life Sciences Industry Award forMost Useful Website.” I’m hoping I can take back some nuggets to help my prospective client realize a greater ROI on their Sitecore investment.

Well there you have it; my Top 5 picks.

As a bonus I thought it might be useful to show you my full itinerary with dates, times and descriptions, so you can see the other great sessions I plan to attend at Sitecore Symposium 2019.

If you’re going to any of the sessions let me know. Or visit me at the TechGuilds Booth #726 in the Partner Pavilion.

I look forward to connecting with you IRL!