TechGuilds joins Chris Williams in presenting a Content Hub 101 session for SUG in India

Posted 08/07/2020 by TechGuilds

As Sitecore Content Hub matures and gains more traction in the market, we felt it was increasingly relevant and important to get the word out about one of Sitecore’s newest acquisitions, designed to solve marketing’s “Content Crisis”.

At its core, Sitecore Content Hub is a platform that consists of a suite of applications designed to help marketers plan, design, produce, publish, organize and measure creative marketing content and assets in an increasingly demanding world that has an insatiable appetite for personalized, relevant and brand-consistent content.

Baraa Mahroka from TechGuilds co-presents with Chris Williams from Read, Watch, Create in this latest live webinar, taking the audience through a walkthrough of the platform and the basics of what Content Hub is, why it exists and how it helps marketers and organization get a handle on its “Content Crisis”

  • Introduction: 0:01
  • Today’s speakers: 1:15
  • Content Hub Demonstration: 8:19
  • Q&A: 23:19
    • How do you get access to Sitecore Content Hub?
    • Who are some of the real-world clients that use Sitecore Content Hub?
    • Is this an add-on to Sitecore?
    • Is there a way to integrate Sitecore Content Hub with another collaboration tool such as SharePoint?
    • Is there a way to customize Sitecore Content Hub?