Embedded Engagement & Enablement

As Sitecore becomes critical to you or your digital marketing strategy, you need the resources to ensure that you can support and extend that strategy as needed on your own. TechGuilds not only embeds its team within your organisation to understand its ecosystem, but we engage and enable your team to support your Sitecore and CRM solutions going forward.

Getting Started 

First, our team becomes a part of your team and assesses your organisations skills alignment to is business objectives. Next, we engage your Sitecore technicians, taking them under our wing in a mentor/mentee relationship, so that they become your own in-house Sitecore Special Forces.

Knowledge Sharing

TechGuilds is a committed member of the Sitecore community and shares it's knowledge in several ways:

  • Regular Hosted Sitecore Meetups
  • Sitecore Partner Mentoring
  • CRM Partner Mentoring
  • Sitecore Forum Posting
  • Sitecore Blog Posting
  • TechGuilds News & Ideas Newsletter

Comprehensive & Responsive Support

In addition to regular monitoring of Sitecore and CRM fixes and updates, all reported incidents receive prompt and complete support and are resolved quickly and thoroughly by our support team.