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RFP Preparation

Preparing for a Sitecore deployment, especially when you need to include Commerce, Search, or CRM requirements is difficult enough. Add in the need to integrate the solution into an existing technical environment, blend it with your existing content, and combine it with your current workflows and many organizations throw up their hands in frustration. It can take a long time for marketing teams, and technical teams to fully define their requirements. Just creating the RFP can take months.

With our expertise, we can help you accelerate the creation of requirements for your Sitecore rollout, and ensure that you can build a proper RFP in weeks instead of months.

We’ve responded to many RFPs from customers implementing Sitecore, both ourselves and with partners, and we’ve helped clients craft some of the most complex RFPs that came across clearly to Sitecore bidders.

We start by working with you and your teams to educate you about the typical RFP elements necessary for a successful Sitecore bid and implementation. We help clients avoid missing key factors that can drive up cost if they aren’t included in the original scope.

Our existing templates help clients get major sections of their RFPs written faster, while ensuring that they can be customized to their unique circumstances.

We work cross functionally with marketing, IT, business leaders, procurement, and finance to ensure that the bid process is complete, complies with your policies, and ensures a fair project bid.

If you’re ready to speed up your RFP development, call us today at 647-317-4118.