Creating an Anti Package Using Sitecore Rocks

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Written By: Baraa MahrokaPublished On: Jul 25 2017

There are two ways to build a Sitecore package, it's either by using Sitecore Package Designer or by using Sitecore Rocks. Using Sitecore Rocks to create a package has many advantages including the ability to manage packages from Visual Studio or setting up dependencies in the package. But the most important feature to me is the ability to create an Anti Package to undo functionality in case of any mistakes or errors. We all know how awfully hard to revert back when we do these mistakes related to packages.

Create an Anti Package through Sitecore Rocks:

Here are the steps followed to create your Anti Package. I will assume you already have you package created.

  1. Through Sitecore Explorer, right-click on any Sitecore item > Tools > Create Package.

  2. Using the Package tab, locate Manage Packages and click on it.

  3. A Package Manager window will pop-up. Click on Anti Packages under your website's name.

  4. Click on Upload and Install button, upload your desired package, an Install Package window will pop-up.

  5. Click on Create Anti Package.

  6. A message will pop-up confirming the creation and the location of the Anti Package.

You're all set. Any already existing items or files will be put into the Anti Package. This Anti Package can be installed to revert overwritten items or files to their current state and delete any added items or files.

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