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A Trusted Sitecore Partner

We’re a team of thinkers and makers. We approach work with a passion to do things the right way. Our clients don’t think of us as vendors but as partners throughout their digital journey. We’ve completed 196 Sitecore projects and won multiple awards since we began in 2014. We’re based in Toronto and serve partners worldwide.

Our Clients

At TechGuilds, we look forward to the opportunity of becoming a part of your success story!

Case Studies

Being a part of your success story is our aim

Amica website screenshot

Amica Senior Lifestyles

Health Care, Real Estate

LHINS website screenshot

Local Health Integration Network (Ontario)

Health Care, Government

Canadian Nurses Association

Canadian Nurses Association (Ottawa)

Health Care

YMCA website screenshot

YMCA of Greater Toronto

Non-Profit Organisation


Moneris (Toronto)

Financial, Professional Services

Our Services

What we do best

Sitecore Implementation

TechGuilds works with direct customers in Toronto and throughout North America, as well as the UK. As Sitecore mentors and craftsmen, we've also assisted other Sitecore implementers (partners) to deliver on the toughest Sitecore assignments.

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TechGuilds Super Care™

Finally, Sitecore peace of mind. A customizable package of Sitecore services that frees your day from unnecessary technical distractions and helps you sleep peacefully at night knowing that your Sitecore investment is in good hands.

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Sitecore Support

We directly provide "rapid resolution", 24/7 Sitecore support to customers and partners that have difficult Sitecore challenges.

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Sitecore Training

TechGuilds provides corporate training tailored for your team, on your own platform. We cover all aspects of Sitecore to help your Content Authors, Marketing professionals, DevOps and Developers excel and become productive quickly in their learning and use of the Sitecore Experience platform.

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Digital Strategy & Sitecore Design

We work with you to conduct a deep analysis of your requirements on a component by component basis in order to validate assumptions, minimize risk, and provide more predictable outcomes.

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Team Augmentation

If you are in the Toronto, GTA area, we can put a person in the field who can support, train, and extend your Sitecore development team, within a couple of days. If you need assistance abroad, let us know and we'll do what we can to ensure your success with Sitecore.

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RFP Preparation

We work with you to translate your requirements into an RFP using Sitecore proposal writing best practices to ensure that you get the highest quality bids that are more likely to deliver your intended outcome.

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TechGuilds solves the toughest design, integration, implementation, and support problems for Sitecore customers and Sitecore Technology Partners.

  • Sitecore

    Sitecore Experience Platform

    100% Certified Team Members. Sitecore Strategic Partner. Sitecore is the leading Enterprise Content Management Platform for good reason. It’s an excellent platform for marketers, content managers, and tech teams alike. It’s full of powerful enterprise class features, and integrates well with other enterprise class platforms. As powerful as it is, it takes an elite team to ensure that you get the most for your business out of it.

  • Sitecore Experience Commerce 9

    Sitecore Experience Commerce™

    Sitecore Experience Commerce integrates content and commerce on one platform to deliver omnichannel retail experiences that delight the right customer with the right offer to boost profitability.

  • Registered Umbraco Partner Logo


    Umbraco is a friendly content management system with more than 500,000 active installs around the world. It is tremendously flexible yet very easy to use. What’s even better about it is that it’s open-source.

  • Coveo

    Certified Coveo Enterprise Search Partners

    Proudly the First Coveo Certified Developers in Canada, Second in the World. Coveo Strategic Partner. Coveo is the premier intelligent enterprise search solution for Sitecore. It puts the most relevant information at everyone’s fingertips. It builds on Sitecore’s personalization to learn from visitor’s behaviour, and tunes it recommendations to deliver relevant content.

  • Microsoft

    Dynamics CRM

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help reduce costs and increase profitability by organizing and automating business processes that nurture customer relationships and satisfaction across all interactions—marketing, sales, and customer service. CRM solutions when integrated with CMS platforms like Sitecore can deliver return on investment (ROI) through marketing automation, customer service, and sales force automation.

  • uCommerce

    100% uCommerce Certified. uCommerce Power House.

    100% uCommerce Certified. uCommerce Power House. uCommerce is the newest choice for E-commerce on top of Sitecore, allowing for the best of both worlds. It allows marketers to build content workflows into e-commerce pages, using the trusted uCommerce platform.

  • Active Commerce

    Active Commerce

    TechGuilds is an Active Commerce Strategic Partner. Active Commerce is by far the most popular choice for E-commerce on top of Sitecore. It’s the first e-commerce platform to fully integrate into Sitecore allowing content marketers and site developers to act in concert to deliver both a great user experience and strong e-commerce features.

Peek - Sitecore Virtual Reality

Peek is the world’s first Virtual Reality platform built on the world’s leading Experience Management Platform – Sitecore

Peek VR for Sitecore XP, by Sitecore experts TechGuilds, is a bold, forward-looking initiative aimed at empowering marketers and content managers to deliver VAMR experiences without the need to engage technical resources using their existing WCMS. Peek VR for Sitecore XP brings VR capability to the industry’s leading experience management platform, enabling enterprises to deliver WebVR experiences while leveraging the power of Sitecore’s best of breed experience management, marketing automation and WCMS capabilities, and because it’s WebVR, those experiences gracefully adapt to a wide range of VR and traditional devices without the need for customers to download a special purpose application.

Sitecore + WebVR = TechGuilds Peek

Meet Our Team

Powered by Great People. Founded by 3 Sitecore Technology MVPs out of only 7 in Canada

TechGuilds is powered by multi-talented and experienced developers, designers, programmers and technical business analysts. If your Sitecore project needs a boost, please contact us.

Strategic Partners

We partner with the best to help you make the most out of your technology investment


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