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Sitecore Support

Sitecore is a very powerful solution, which is tied into some of your most critical business systems. Your digital presence. Your ecommerce store. Your ERP System. Your CRM. When something goes wrong it can be difficult to pin point exactly where the issue is, and every minute your environment is down can cost you significantly. It can take your own staff a long time to go through the problem resolution process. Even some Sitecore partners can get stumped by some of the problems they run into. That’s why customers and partners call us. 

We’ve helped resolve some of the toughest Sitecore challenges, and helped augment and mentor other Sitecore partners’ teams to ensure that they can solve their customer’s toughest problems. Fast.

TechGuilds Support Aims to:

  1. Reduce support calls over time by building knowledge and confidence in the Sitecore platform
  2. Provide a clear, scalable and efficient process for clients to report, track and escalate issues found
  3. Promote self-service support, information sharing and knowledge transfer between Sitecore users
  4. Provide robust issue tracking and resolution transparency for client auditing and improvement analysis

Support Service Highlights:

  1. Sitecore assistance and topic-based training services based on incident trends
  2. Sitecore bug fixes and “hot fixes” of known Sitecore issues
  3. Proactive monitoring, log file analytics and maintenance of Sitecore
  4. Regular consulting and reporting of ticket volume, severity and incident trends
  5. We'll work hand-in-hand with your marketing team to implement Sitecore personalisation, EXM and multivariate testing

With each problem resolution we provide a full root-cause analysis and post mortem, which is added to our robust knowledgebase. The knowledgebase can be used to train your Sitecore team or as a self-service to resolve similar problems in the future and thus reduce your support costs over time.

Here is a diagram of our support process:

TechGuilds Support Process Diagram

Support Coverage and SLA Targets:

Front-line support persons at TechGuilds are available as determined by the client's needs and historical incident volume. Support can be provided by phone, e-mail or via our online ticketing system, 24/7/365 and at various service levels. Below are our default service level targets.


Response Time

Resolution Time

SLA Target

Level 1

30 minutes

4 hours


Level 2

1 hour

8 hours


Level 3

1 business day

2 business days


Level 4

2 business days

5 business days


Hopefully, you won’t need us. But if you do – our support hotline is 647-317-4118.

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