To get the most value out of your Sitecore platform your people need to be able to use it with confidence. Knowledge and practice are necessary to empower your marketing team to manage content efficiently and deliver personalized experiences that delight users and turn them into happy customers. They are also necessary to allow your technical team to support the marketing team in those efforts.

At TechGuilds, we pride ourselves to be laser-focused on all things Sitecore. Over the years, our experience and expertise have grown and matured to not only be among the best at delivering Sitecore projects, but also to be a teacher and training resource that our clients come to depend on!

To help your teams build the knowledge and confidence they need, we’ve distilled and packaged lessons learned from our toughest implementations and best practices from our most inspiring clients to deliver real-world Sitecore training experiences specifically customized to your very own Sitecore implementation.

No one-size-fits-all training here! Each course is designed to equip teams and organizations with essential Sitecore XP skills in order to meet strategic marketing and business goals. We know you're busy and as such we offer flexibility in the delivery of each course. Delivery of your training is completely customized to you and your team’s needs - we can come and deliver it on-site or online, whichever you prefer.


Sitecore Content Management FundamentalsDuration: 2 Days

This course builds a solid understanding of the Sitecore platform and transforms participants into proficient users of Sitecore’s CMS features. Participants will be able to create, edit, publish and unpublish content, work with content versions, understand and use workflows, and follow Sitecore’s publishing and unpublishing best practices.

Sitecore Personalization & Context MarketingDuration: 2 Days

This course prepares digital marketers to captivate customers with optimized and personalized experiences. They will learn how to present relevant content to their website visitors at each stage in their customer journey which in turn will drive improved business outcomes and greater customer value.

Sitecore Soup to Nuts (Content Management Fundamentals + Personalization and Context Marketing)Duration: 5 Days

Set your marketers and content authors up for success with a deep-dive Sitecore course designed to help you leverage the full power of Sitecore. This course combines content management fundamentals and personalization & context marketing. It’s the ideal course for those who need to start managing content efficiently and deliver experience that engage their customers to achieve success in as short a timeframe as possible.

AODA Content Authoring in Sitecore

This course is designed to provide Sitecore users with an understanding of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and specific techniques used to make their website more accessible to people with disabilities and AODA-compliant. Participants will have a good understanding of the principles of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and what should be taken into consideration when publishing accessible content. They will be able to add alternative text to images, and create meaningful link texts, as well as use header tags properly and mark the language properly in pages that contain multiple languages.

Sitecore Development BootcampDuration: 5 Days

This course is designed to provide developers with the knowledge and practical skills they need to be successful Sitecore developers. It takes a comprehensive approach and starts with breaking down requirements and understanding estimation and planning; then moves to understanding the Sitecore architecture, installing and configuring a Sitecore environment, and developing reusable components with personalization in mind as well as following established best practices. At the end of the course, you will be able to build and deploy your first website using Sitecore.