New York University (NYU)

Case Study | Education
Screenshot from NYU's website

AEM Managed Support and Component Consolidation, Rewrite, and Upgrade

New York University (NYU) is a private research university in New York City. It is among the largest private universities in the US, and it provides a rigorous, demanding education to more than 50,000 students and undertakes nearly $1 billion in research annually.

Desired outcome

NUY websites had years’ worth of disparate templates and components built using different and old versions of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) resulting in poor content editing experience. Users had multiple usernames and passwords to log in to different systems and applications. The calendar application was not connected to the websites. NUY wanted to fix that and add new functionalities.


  1. Consolidated years’ worth of multiple versions of templates and components to a set of standard templates and components that can be used across different schools. The components were built so that each school can extend and skin/brand them as needed
  2. Migrated 4 codebases from AEM 5.x to 6.1
    1. NYU main site
    2. NYU Dentistry
    3. Silver School of Social Work
    4. NYU Gallatin
  3. Implemented Single sign-on for content authoring
  4. Migrated contents and users from old to new templates
  5. Integrated with Cvent Events calendar
  6. Created the Program Finder tool
  7. Created Global Nav
  8. Created NYU News


  1. Streamlined and improved content authoring experience with enhanced security
  2. Improved flexibility using well-architected and easy-to-customize components
  3. Modern platform that is up to date
  4. Better service and user experience for website audiences
    1. Easy way to navigate and find programs
    2. Better experience in navigating through the different schools and websites
    3. Ability to see and filter news easily


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