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AEM App Development & Managed Support

New York University Arts & Science is the oldest and largest college within New York University (NYU). It enrolls the largest number of undergraduate students for a private liberal arts college in the United States; its size and complexity owe to NYU’s overall profile of enrolling the largest number of students in the country for a private, non-profit, residential institution of higher education.

Desired Outcomes

NYU Arts & Sciences website, which is built using AEM, needs support, maintenance and new feature builds to keep it modern and up to date to serve the multiple audiences (prospective students, their families, donors, trustees, alumni, organizations, friends, the media and casual visitors) in a way that is dynamic and user-friendly and can readily adapt to meet the diverse and changing needs of the audiences.


  1. Creating, supporting, and maintaining AEM 6.3 codebase for NYU Arts & Science schools
    1. College of Arts & Science
    2. Graduate School of Arts & Science
    3. Liberal Arts
  2. Building new features as required
  3. Code migration from CityTech Library to Core AEM
  4. Integrating with Event Services
  5. Vimeo Video integration
  6. Integration with NYU News Feeds

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