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We leveraged our extensive experience in successful Sitecore projects and our field-proven process to develop Kajoo, an AI-powered solution that automates the migration to XM Cloud. With Kajoo, we can expedite your modernization, launching you on XM Cloud quickly and cost-effectively.

Our approach ensures:

  • Fast and efficient migration to Sitecore XM Cloud/headless, with expected cost savings of 40%-70%.
  • A comprehensive and detailed estimation process that ensures predictable and visible costs from the start, providing a fixed price for maximum predictability.
  • Rapid transformation of Figma designs into operational Sitecore XMC and headless components.
  • Enhanced collaboration between creative and technical teams, streamlining the design-to-code process.
  • A commitment to inclusive digital experiences and accessibility.
  • Implementation of SEO best practices, ensuring high-speed and top-performing experiences.
Why migrate to XMC with TechGuilds

Our Process

Here’s how we use our revolutionary AI-powered solution,, to convert and migrate your legacy websites and Figma designs to Sitecore XM Cloud.

  • Analysis
    We examine the sites that are to be migrated and pinpoint common components that should be consolidated, enhancing both the estimation accuracy and the execution efficiency.
  • Estimation
    Our robust estimation tool provides clear visibility into costs and savings. We also guarantee fixed pricing to ensure the highest level of predictability.
  • AI Conversion
    Our innovative AI technology – Kajoo, automates tasks such as migrating main layouts, rewriting components to headless, migrating page and branch templates, reconstructing pages, and migrating content.
  • Expert Review
    Following the AI-driven conversion, our team of expert and certified Sitecore developers will complete any tasks that the AI cannot handle. They will also thoroughly review the solution to ensure it meets our high standards of quality.
  • UAT & Launch
    We collaborate closely with you to perform user acceptance testing, secure approvals, and launch, transitioning you to Sitecore's next-generation cloud platform with 40-70% savings on development.

Why Migrate to XM Cloud

Unlock the next level of performance, scalability, and efficiency by migrating from Sitecore XP to Sitecore XM Cloud. Discover the multitude of benefits awaiting you with this strategic transition, propelling your brand to the forefront of digital innovation.

  • No More Upgrades
    Say goodbye to the hassles of upgrades. With Sitecore XM Cloud, maintenance tasks, updates, and security patches are managed for you, freeing your team to focus on innovation rather than upgrades and infrastructure upkeep.
  • Enhanced Performance
    By migrating to Sitecore XM Cloud, you leverage the power of a cloud-based infrastructure designed for optimal performance. This means faster load times, improved reliability, and a better overall user experience for your website visitors.
  • Scalability and Flexibility
    Sitecore XM Cloud offers scalable infrastructure, allowing your brand to adapt effortlessly to changing demands. Whether it's increased traffic or expanding content, the cloud environment accommodates growth without compromising performance.
  • Superior DX Management
    Sitecore XM Cloud is designed to empower teams to create, launch, and orchestrate content quickly and easily with intuitive yet robust content management, personalization, optimization, and reporting tools, keeping you ahead of the curve.
  • Cost Efficiency
    Shifting to Sitecore XM Cloud often leads to cost savings in the long run. It reduces maintenance costs, and offers predictable pricing models, allowing for better budget allocation.