Sitecore Audit

Sitecore is a leading enterprise-level digital experience platform that gives marketers and content authors the power to do what almost no other platform does. As powerful as Sitecore is, or perhaps because of its power and scope, it can also lead well-intentioned developers and administrators to implement Sitecore incorrectly. Good intentions not backed up by sufficient expertise can lead to digital experiences that are difficult to manage, bad at delighting customers, and good at losing business.

Here’s how our Sitecore audit can help

  • Prepare
    We start by getting to know a bit more about you: What your goals are, how you’re using Sitecore to achieve them, what your pain points and frustrations are. We can help you articulate them by asking questions and listening to you.
  • Deep dive
    We perform a thorough assessment of your Sitecore implementation to uncover lurking issues that are secretly crippling performance, usability, efficiency and ultimately your bottom line.
  • Uncover
    We present a report of our findings and recommendations. In the report, we score each issue on severity, difficulty to fix and priority. This gives you a clear action plan: a list of prioritized action items that will get your Sitecore implementation back on track.
  • Action
    Now that you have your action plan, your team can start chipping away at those issues. Or you can sign up for one of TechGuilds Super Care™ plans (Sitecore Managed Services previously) and get a team of Sitecore specialists tackle them for you.

What is included in a comprehensive Sitecore audit



Architecture and code review

Reviewing the code to verify that best practices are followed. These include code comments and developer notes, no hard-coding content, as well as using the Helix architecture

Application lifecycle management

Reviewing each step of your process in managing Sitecore: outlining requirements, to designing and building, branching and versioning, testing, deploying, ongoing maintenance and continuous integration.

Content manager experience

Reviewing the implementation through the lens of content mangers to verify that it offers the promised utility, flexibility, and ease of use that allow marketer and content authors to do their job efficiently rather than crippling their performance


Reviewing how the environment is set up and testing the performance of the servers and the website to capture any issues that could cause instability


Reviewing the compliance with security best practices to identify any gaps that could lead to unpleasant surprises which tend to be very costly to deal with after the fact