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Did you know that over 80% of marketers say “that relevant content is what gets customers to come back”? AND the average share of the marketing budget that is spent on content marketing is 27%? 

But so many marketers are struggling to keep up!

Struggling to:

  • Meet customer’s expectations
  • Deliver a consistent and personalized experience
  • Respond quickly and be able to change content assets when needed
  • Empower their teams to spend more time being creative instead of wasting time hunting for the right assets
  • Deploy across all channels flawlessly
  • Work seamlessly with people from all around the world
  • Keep all assets safe, secure, distributable and measurable Manage usage rights quickly and easily

Many content marketers today NEED a DAM and even with one, some of them are still failing! WHY?

Because most DAMs are old and busted, they tend to be:

  • Expensive with licenses, upgrades and maintenance
  • Difficult to scale
  • Poorly integrated with other systems

Sitecore Content Hub pushes past other DAMs and goes beyond, WAY BEYOND. Because Content Hub isn’t JUST a DAM. It’s more.

Ask yourself

  • Is your primary marketing content scattered?
  • Is your collaboration inefficient?
  • Is your team finding it hard to store and find marketing content?
  • Do you need to interact with your marketing community (internal team members, freelancers, producers) more efficiently?
  • Do you find it hard to publish across all of your channels quickly and easily?
  • Do you find it cumbersome to leverage structured content in documents?
  • Are you finding it difficult to scale your content marketing efforts?
  • Do you need to support multiple languages and regional localization?
  • Do you have marketers, agencies, product managers and sales teams all needing content in some way?

If you answered YES to any, some or all of these questions, then you want to talk to us about Sitecore Content Hub.

Did you know? “44% of global leaders say that a lack of speed is their biggest barrier to delivering more effective personalized content”

Sitecore Content Hub is a suite of products that helps your marketing organization elevate your operations by making planning, execution and measuring your activities and campaigns more efficient, seamless and measurable.

Sitecore Content Hub Components:

Sitecore DAM (Digital Asset Management): Simplify storage, management, distribution, and control of digital assets

  • Manage virtually all digital asset file types
  • Reduce time to tag, locate, use, and share assets
  • Machine learning helps tag your content
  • Preview images, videos, layouts, and other file types in context
  • Reduce risk by enforcing DRM

Sitecore PCM (Product Content Management): Stay on top of all your product content for e-commerce and other downstream apps

  • Centralize and automate the management and maintenance of all product-related content (assets, descriptions, SKUs…)
  • Create relationships with all relevant objects

Sitecore MRM (Marketing Resource Management): Manage, budget, and control every phase of a marketing project

  • Plan and execute campaigns across channels, markets and brands
  • Steer teams to achieve key production targets on time with intuitive collaboration, review, and approval tools

Sitecore CMP (Content Marketing Platform): Streamline content strategizing, planning, creation, and publication

  • Effectively plan, manage, and collaborate on content strategy
  • Streamline production by orchestrating many simultaneous task streams of different content stakeholders
  • Optimize content usage and distribution to target audiences across channels
  • Elevate visibility and governance

Sitecore W2P (Web to Print): Allow users to self-serve and automate collateral creation

  • Generate custom printable product sheets using all available content
  • Enforce brand guidelines, even outside the organization