Introducing Kajoo (Formerly: The Sitecore Magic Tool)

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Written By: Nabil OrfaliPublished On: Nov 03 2019

The struggle to get from a wireframe to a live Sitecore  page will soon be a thing of the past! It is now possible to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning to convert a hand-drawn wireframe to a fully-functioning web page on Sitecore automatically!

For Sitecore marketers and developers, this is like a dream come true. We know that because completing more than 196 Sitecore projects over the period of 5 years is guaranteed to make you knowledgeable in all kinds of challenges Sitecore users face. Among the top of those challenges, we saw the extended amount of work that is required to build components, starting from converting wireframes and mock-ups into front-end code, through writing the back-end code, then creating Data Templates…you know how it goes.

This process is costly and drains resources unnecessarily. Therefore, we thought to ourselves that there must be a better way. And if there isn’t, let’s build it. And that’s exactly what we did. We built a solution that makes it possible to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to build components from a hand-drawn wireframe automatically. And we’re happy to introduce it today: Kajoo (formerly: Sitecore Magic Tool) .



Get from A-the whiteboard to B-Sitecore Experience Editor quickly using a little bit of magic and a lot of artificial intelligence


As a marketer you can:

  • Launch your campaign landing page/microsite in minutes
  • Break free from the dependence on the technical team
  • Have Sitecore components developed for a very low cost
  • Have Sitecore best practices baked into those components. This means you can easily add content and personalize it to achieve your business goals


As a developer you can:

  • Rest peacefully as all the front-end and Sitecore back-end coding is taken care of automatically
  • Choose to generate the Sitecore renderings in React, Angular, or Vue
  • Have control over the JSS mapping before the code is generated
  • Have fun customizing and extending the generated code
  • Reduce development time by about 60-80% so you can focus on tasks of higher value

As a partner you can:

  • Get more competitive and cut development time by 60-80%
  • Deliver projects much faster and free up your resources to focus on higher value tasks like customization and integration.

How it works:

  • Kajoo uses an advanced AI-Driven deep learning algorithm and a long-trained model to recognize hand-drawn wireframes and translate them to a simple (JSON) format that is editable by humans
  • It then generates the components in your favorite JavaScript framework and renders them on a simple interface
  • After that, you can choose to tweak the information architecture (IA) of the components before we generate the Sitecore-ready components (optional step)
  • With a push of a button, you are directed to Sitecore where you can add content, personalize, and publish!


Here's a guide for sketching different elements in Kajoo

Kajoo AI for Sitecore wireframe sketch guide
Want to learn more? Visit Kajoo
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Nabil OrfaliCEO & Founder, Sitecore Strategy MVP