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Written By: William HubbellPublished On: Mar 17 2022

We are excited to announce that Kajoo version 1.1 has been released! With a number of new features and bug fixes, 1.1 rounds out the powerful offering that is Kajoo, making for a more frictionless experience for users.

To see both the standard release notes and a deeper dive into new features, head on over to the Kajoo release notes. For now, we'll highlight some of the most exciting aspects of this new release.

New Release Notes Page

A screenshot of the Kajoo Release Notes page, including bullet point highlights of new features

We are very excited to reveal our new Kajoo release notes page. On this page, we highlight new user-facing features and bug fixes. Each bullet point can be expanded for more detailed information and screenshots, including animated GIFs of functionality. We highly encourage you to check this page out if you have never seen Kajoo before, as it provides a great look at all of the exciting features we have been working on.

Support for Sitecore 10.2 and JSS 19

Kajoo now supports Sitecore 10.2, meaning that we are staying up to date right alongside our most forward-thinking users. That means that Kajoo's powerful deployment features will work with any of your 10.2 Sitecore instances. You will be able to make a component in the Kajoo canvas, then publish it to whichever JSS site in your 10.2 instance of choice, going from ideation to the experience editor with the push of a button. To get started, all you need to do is download the 10.2 plugin from the Instances tab on the Configuration page and install it. You can how in Kajoo's documentation site. Please contact us to get onboarded.

Quality of Life Improvements

Version 1.1 adds numerous quality of life improvements to Kajoo's Canvas and Theming features. For instance, there are now undo and redo buttons in the canvas. Additionally, we have made the styling menu in the canvas inspector panel much more intuitive to use, grouping options together logically. Another very cool feature is the ability to save your styling customizations for an element as a variant that can be easily reused on other elements of the same type.

Deployment Settings

One of Kajoo's coolest features is the ability to deploy your projects directly to the Sitecore instances of your choosing. With 1.1, we have made deployment configuration simpler and more intuitive, cutting down onboarding time. Now it takes even LESS time to go from hand-drawn mockup to working Sitecore component.

More to Come!

Kajoo is under active development, and we have more exciting features coming down the pipe. We cannot wait to show you what's next. Stay tuned here at the TechGuilds Website, on the Kajoo site, on Twitter at @TechGuilds and @Kajoo_ai, or on LinkedIn.

Last but not least, if you would like to get your hands on Kajoo or schedule a demo, please Contact Us!

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