Make your first Sitecore implementation a success with...


Team Augmentation

You want your Sitecore Implementation to be successful (or you want your customer’s implementation to be successful). We want you to be successful too. And that takes knowledge transfer, learning, and mentorship.

When you first get started, your team’s skill set is low. We can place a team member with your staff who can help your own teams get up to speed on how to use Sitecore, and how to resolve Sitecore issues as they come up. We ensure that your team’s get the hand’s on training so that you can be self- sufficient. Rest assured that our teams are always there, if support requirements exceed their capabilities.

If you are a partner supporting clients and find yourself a little short staffed, we can augment your teams to extend your bench strength. (and we’ll be enhancing your team’s skills at the same time.)

We’re passionate about building a stronger Sitecore ecosystem, and growing the skillset of the entire community.

To learn more about how we can help – contact us at 647-317-4118.