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Digital Strategy & Sitecore Design

Its time to take your business to the next level of digital strategy – Personalization. Sitecore is more than a CMS, it’s the engine that can help you achieve your goal in delivering personalized content experiences for your customers across all digital channels.

Having designed and deployed the toughest Sitecore Implementations, we know that to get the most out of Sitecore requires careful planning and detailed design. Our RAD approach to helping customers and partners successfully activate their digital strategy has been the key to our clients’ success.

RAD = Review, Assess, Design.


Our first step is to review objectives and expectations with our customers. We work with end customers and partners to get a thorough understanding of their desired business outcomes. It’s at this stage that we review with customers the what Sitecore is capable of. Often, a detailed review of what we can do with Sitecore enables our customers to develop a better digital strategy than their initial plan, resulting in better business outcomes. We also review what site, content, ecommerce, and CRM tools our customers are using to determine any potential dependencies. At this stage we can establish a rough guestimate of what a Sitecore Implementation would required.


After reviewing objectives and outcomes with our customers, our 2nd phase is to do a thorough assessment of the software, systems, workflows, content repositories, network architecture, and security setup. We’ve caught potential issues and red flags for customers at this stage that would have held and delayed complex Sitecore deployments. Our cross platform expertise allows us to quickly help customers correct any deficiencies, and enables us to understand exactly what a design will require.


Our last phase is to take our customers requirements and design a deployment plan that can be implemented by us, our partners or our customer’s technicians. We design a plan that takes into account the technical architecture of the Sitecore implementation, upgrades any required dependencies, migrates any required data, develops integration into other platforms, as well as setting up system and content workflows. The end result is a Sitecore digital platform that delivers on desired business outcomes.

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