Director of Operational Services

Ken Gray

Ken Gray - TechGuilds Special Ops


As a DevOps Manager my role is to help make the IT Services offered at TechGuilds more responsive to the changing business needs of our customers.

With AGILE methodology as a foundation, I seek to maintain proper development and infrastructure integrity through shorter feedback loops, collaboration, and appropriate monitoring.

My DevOps ethos, of information desiloing, collaboration, teamwork attitude and communication skills is augmented by close to two decades of information technology experience and a wide developer and creative toolset.

By nature, I am a cross-functional and cross-disciplinary individual who wears multiple hats from developer to operations. Having spent many years as a "Full Stack" developer with a marketing mind and creative edge, I'm right at home mingling with business stakeholders and developers alike.

Typical tasks that I am involved with include requirements estimation, scope maintenance, workflow streamlining, setting objectives amongst team members, and resolving conflicts to promote tighter teamwork and a positive atmosphere for building optimal products and services.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I am particularly patriotic to my country and the sport invented by patriot James Naismith - namely basketball. If I had two extra inches in height, my career may have been different :-)

Let's Go Raptors!!!



Certified Sitecore Developer


Sitecore DMS 2.0 Fundamentals for Marketers (DMC)


Sitecore CMS 6.5 System Administrator