Director, Digital Transformation. Sitecore Strategy MVP

Ken Gray

Ken Gray - TechGuilds Special Ops


Digital technology and specifically the internet has forever changed the way companies do business. The speed at which change happens, and the increasing power being placed in the hands of customers, and smaller more agile competitors, can be the difference between relevant or relic.

As a digital transformation professional and Sitecore Strategy MVP, I help companies adapt, innovate and deliver on their brand promises using cutting-edge tools, leveraging cloud services, and providing consulting and training on the use of the Sitecore Experience Platform to maintain and improve their most important and innovative asset...their people.

I strive to understand our clients’ needs and take proactive steps to maximize their satisfaction, Sitecore ROI and customer retention.

I lead the effort to provide effective and timely training, digital strategy and support services for all clients by driving talent development, operational efficiencies and resource allocation and acquisition. Essential to my role is helping our clients clearly define marketing and communication goals and convert them into activities that align to Sitecore's marketing automation and personalization methodologies. 

I have the fortunate pleasure of engaging our clients and walking along side them as they achieve success in context marketing and personalized omni-channel customer experiences.

Let me help you in dispelling the "mythical phase two" and achieve full maturity in customer experience marketing with the Sitecore Experience Platform.



Certified Sitecore Developer


Sitecore DMS 2.0 Fundamentals for Marketers (DMC)


Sitecore CMS 6.5 System Administrator