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Written By: Ken GrayPublished On: Dec 24 2018

On occasion, as a content manager, you may need to have content edited, published, or unpublished at a time when you’re not available or there may be content that is only meant to be visible for a specific period, like holiday greetings – Merry Christmas! – or out of the office message, or an important government mandated compliance notification/article.

It’s at these times when you need a reminder to either remove the expired content or notify someone on your team, to publish or unpublish the content in your absence. There is where Sitecore Content Reminders come in.


For reminders to work, you need to ensure that your Sitecore instance/installation is configured to send out e-mails. Talk to your Sitecore Partner to ensure your SMTP settings are configured correctly.

Here is how to set up a content reminder:

In my example, I have a Poll that needs to be unpublished on December 24 and replaced with the Poll results which is a manual calculation. However, since I’m on vacation from December 21, I will notify a colleague who will be available, to handle the task for me.

  1. Select the item you want to set a reminder for.
    Select content for setting a reminder
  2. Click the Review menu tab.
    Content Reminder click Review menu
  3. Next, from within the Review ribbon, click the arrow on the Reminder button to display its options.
    Expand the Reminder option
  4. Select the Set Reminder option.
    Select the Set Reminder option
  5. Type a message to the recipients of the reminder and click the Next button.
    Enter the details for the Content Reminder
  6. Set the Date and Time for when the reminder will trigger and enter one or more e-mail addresses for the recipients. You can add multiple recipients by separating the e-mail addresses with a semicolon.
    Enter the date, time and email for who will receive the reminder
  7. Click the Set button and then the Close button and you’re, well...all set.
    Close the confirmation box.



To get around the limitation of only being able to create a single reminder per item, you can add some additional comments for the recipient. For example, you could add a comment that reads… “Hello colleague, when this reminder triggers, can you please add a new reminder that…” – it’s always good to be polite too.

Removing a content reminder:

To remove a reminder, follow Steps 1 & 2 above and then…

  1. Select the Clear Reminder option.
    How to clear a content reminder

What? You were expecting more steps? Nope that’s it.

Thanks for reading.

You’ve now mastered delegation…I mean you've mastered setting up reminders in Sitecore. Click this link for more Sitecore Productivity Tips for Content Authors and Marketers.

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